The Design Behind PR

From day one, I was always told that the basis of Public Relations is all about how the world perceives things. And while I may not be a graphic design major, I can see how it is crucial in almost every line of communications work. I had my first internship this past summer and although none of my tasks were directly graphic design, an understanding of it would have been very beneficial. From helping develop Facebook icons and headers to assisting on basic business card remodels, graphic design is a huge element of image and perception. While written and spoken word do leave a lasting impression, image is equally as important. Graphic design fills in the gaps that words can’t express, and gives across messages and ideas. Graphic Design is huge element of perception because it incorporates visuals with emotions and leaves a long lasting impression. Colors, shapes, sizes, fonts and more all give certain impressions. For example, a toothpaste company that wants to seem fresh and clean might use greens and blues, which often remind us of cleanness. Using these colors mean nothing about the product, but simply help with the companies image when customers see their packaging on the shelf. Logos and design also help with brand loyalty. A customer will recognize the golden McDonalds M or the blue Twitter bird without any context. This is done with graphic design. Many companies will redesign their logo to appear more modern or relatable (such as Apple, Google and Pepsi.) It is also important for PR Firms to convey their message and business as a whole through logos, so that companies are interested in working with them. Without graphic design, the industry would have a hard time putting visuals with their brand that are unique and represent their aesthetic.




  1. I am also majoring in PR and completely agree that graphic design is crucial in any field within communications. Last summer I interned at a small PR firm and wished I had a better understanding of graphic design. There were many tasks that revolved around brainstorming logos, poster designs and creating websites. After completing my internship, I believe that once we have a basic understanding of graphic design, our PR skills will greatly increase!

  2. I completely agree with you that image is a crucial aspect of any advertisement. As a consumer, the first thing I notice about a product or about an advertisement is the way it looks, and graphic design plays a huge role in how consumers perceive products they are interested in.

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