The Importance of Being a Grid

At first, the grid was used as a protective functioning of the  frame; a barrier between the written word and the rest of the world. However, throughout the years the function of the grid evolved into a flexible, critical, and systematic tool. The page became “a space extending beyond the edge.” Although nowadays the grid is still being used the classical way, there are also designers who step out of the box and use it more unconventionally. These new ways of using the grid surprise and delight us just like Milton would want and are present in the daily designs that a person is exposed too.

Most people don’t really pay attention to the use of grids. They just see the information and pictures on a page, but not the invisible lines in the background that hold it all together. Reading the chapter Grid really helped shed a new light on the structure of page. One doesn’t really understand the importance of a grid until it is taken away or changed completely.


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