The Legendary Font —- Helvetica

The documentary tells the story of how the legendary font, Helvetica, got designed and developed. The documentary interviewed many designers from different generations to discuss their feeling about the font and its orginal. The documentary discuessed both postive and negative sides of the font. the good thing about this font is that it is straight, clear, and readable while the bad thing is it is lack of design, too common used and too straight.

I feel like everything that has been designed contains at least an idea from the designer, it is probably the designer wants the font to be sample and commoned used. It is not nevessary that everything design must be fancy and unique, some people hates to be outstanding from the public and will choose the conservative way which will not make any mistake and can be used under any circumstance. sometimes the most usual thing will stand out everywhere. As now we can see, the font Helvetica has become one of the most common used font in the world; it is even like a sign of the industrial civilization and mechanization.

Jiecheng XU

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