The Meeting with Breeding

Last week we had the opportunity to see through the eyes of Greg Breeding as he discussed his experience in the design world. One of my biggest takeaways from his talk was his advice for clients working with an agency like his. He stressed the importance of letting the designer have some freedom to do what they do best, even though it may not be directly in line with the client’s image. Ultimately, it is necessary for the client to trust the designer to create something that will represent their needs.

Another thing that resonated with me was the overall vibe of the office. When Greg took us on the tour, he introduced us to some of his staff and every single person was upbeat and happy to be there. Personally, after college I want to work in a place where I know everyone and feel comfortable coming in everyday. I think that a somewhat relaxed environment like Greg’s office fosters the most creativity for people in this line of work.

Nicholas Grew

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