The positive side of failure

I have been familiar with Milton Glaser and his work from a young age- my mom has a degree in art education and my grandfather previously owned his own graphic design firm.  From a young age, I would spend many weekends at MOMA and the MET.  I would spend my summers painting outside at my grandparents house in Monticello, New York.  One summer I was working on a painting that involved flowers and triangles and I could not seems to get the design right.  As I struggled, my grandfather quoted Glaser, “You must embrace failure”.

I stepped back from my design and embraced the uneven blobs of colors.  I was able to accept the painting for what it was and learn for the next time.  I think embracing our failures is necessary as we continue designing.  If we are constantly successful, we are stagnant.  Without failure, we would not take risks and we would not improve.  Only by embracing failure can we improve, edit and create stronger pieces of work.

Sophie Greenberg

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