The Power of Industrial Design

The documentary Objectified gave me a new perspective on design and how it impacts our society. Watching this film made me think more about the process of industrial design and how much it surrounds us in our everyday lives. Everything around us was designed by a team of industrial designers, who worked hard to make every object ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, simple and easily usable. I never thought about how much time goes into creating everyday objects, but after watching this film a I have newfound respect for such desginers.
The film also talked about how in order to be a great designer, it is extremely important to keep the future in mind and to figure out what people will want to use and how they will react to certain designs. Every single message a designer presents says something about themselves. No matter how simple a design might be, it tells a complex story about who created it, how it was created, and its purpose.
There were also many parts of this documentary that were similar to the other videos we watched in class. The designers in this film discussed the importance of simplicity in design. Sometimes the most simple designs are the most appealing and get the message across faster. It is imperative keep simplicity in mind when designing a pice of art, poster, website, object, etc.


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