The Rubin Museum: Nuances in Design

In the heart of downtown NYC is my favorite museum; The Rubin Museum of Art. You walk in and instantly feed shielded from the hectic city life and transported to a Tibetan oasis. I’ve been to the museum several times and each visit leads to a new discovery, beyond the exhibits. It’s the design of the building itself that fascinates me. I was excited to find out that Milton Glaser designed the place. I love how the floors are connected and move you through the space, seamlessly from one exhibit to the next. I’ve always appreciated the copper wall when you first enter the museum and never knew that it represents Tibetan clouds until I watched the documentary.
I learned that design is always meaningful, even when it is most subtle. Furthermore, That the design of a space orchestrates your interaction with the objects inside of it. I knew that it was important, but never considered what my experience would be like if I were to walk into a building that was only focused on the exhibits. What I mean is that you can walk into the Rubin Museum without a single exhibit open and still feel the essence of Eastern influence, art and culture. Milton and his team thus did an excellent job of creating insightful and delightful design.


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