The story of Helvetica–Blog 3

Before I saw this video or took this class. I never paid any attention on typefaces. I thought the typefaces are easy to make and create, and they are all made from the computers. But my opinions changed since I watched this video. Designers actually created the typefaces. Even this short film called Helvetica, but the designers in this video also mentioned the other typefaces. They said different typefaces will give people different feelings and emotions. Typeface is likewise a form of art.

In the video, several designers gave many valuable ideas and interpretations of design. For example, a designer said design goes to rebuild. It involves social responsibility, co-define and idealism. Wim Crounel said clarity is important in designing. It brings the feelings of clear, readable, straight forward. In 1993, computer speed up his designing works, but it did not do anything for with his designing ideas. Also, he mentioned the meaning lies in the context, not typeface. Another designer said the design of the typeface should be simple, clean, and powerful, not boring. Overall, this video gave me a fresh perspective of designing.

Yanjun Li

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