The Third Assignment of this Semester

I found it interesting to watch and hear current graphic designers discuss the development of type and what inspires their own create of various typefaces.  I considered typographers to be a thing of the past; I did not realize the it is still a current form of art.  I always assumed types were created hundreds of years in the past.

I also had a slight fan girl moment when the man who helped work on the typeface “Georgia” spoke.  I never submit assignments in Times New Roman, only Georgia and I consider it to be my favorite type.

After watching the video I think I have a stronger understanding of the development of designs.  I have a greater understanding of how the smallest details can alter a logo, design, and image all together.  I now pay more attention to type faces and designs all around school and I find it very interesting how a specific type can give a certain vibe or spread a specific message.

Sophie Greenberg

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