The transformation from student to designer

My father works diligently. He always takes his time, makes sure every project is completed with perfection, and triple checks his work before considering it complete. He encourages me to adopt a similar work habit where I have an appreciation for detail and enjoy the feeling of a finished product.

As I was reading “Lessons Learned” and I came across the passage that reinforces us to remember Graphic Design takes time, I thought of my father. Every night in High School, my father would remind me to do my homework but stress the importance of taking my time. “Time allows for creativity to flow and a strategic execution”, he would say. Like any project, Graphic Design is going to take the same amount of creativity, strategic planning, and dedication as any other project. Even though I am often doubt my creative capabilities or artistic abilities, I am comforted by knowing one of my  father’s biggests lessons goes hand in hand with this course.

In “Lessons Learned”, I identified with the “Don’t Take Things Too Seriously” passage because often times I confuse hard work with seriousness and misery. I have told myself that if I work hard enough and take my work seriously, I will be miserable but the hard work will eventually pay off. I struggle allowing myself to enjoy the work I am doing by telling myself I need to work hard and then “play”. I hope Graphic Design will open the door for me to use my creativity and determination to enjoy a project I am working on. I am confident that by becoming a designer and not simply a student who listens in class, writes down notes, and participates in class will launch me into a career of more significant learning and deeper understanding. I hope this class will teach me how to appreciate learning and both connect and be passionate for my work instead of simply meeting deadlines.


Danielle Hay

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