Thinking like a designer….and an entrepreneur

As I learn about graphic design this semester, I’m also taking an entrepreneurship class. While watching Objectified, I was amazed by how similarly industrial designers and entrepreneurs think. For instance, both groups of people have to be observant; they constantly look out for problems as they complete day-to-day tasks and think of ways to fix them. They go through a long brainstorming process, coming up with multiple iterations of their product before perfecting it. They also have to study their target markets intensely. One designer mentioned the importance of looking at the extremes in a demographic to ensure that even those with difficult challenges can easily use a product. This concept is just as important for entrepreneurs; if a product is not accessible, it is less likely to sell.
I suppose designers themselves are entrepreneurs. They create a brand for themselves through their designs and try to sell that brand. It was interesting to see such a strong link between the two fields. Imagine what kinds of incredible products could be made if there was more collaboration between them…

Megan Choate

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