Thoughts on Lessons Learned

I’m both excited and nervous to start this class. I’ve wanted to learn how to use Adobe design software for a long time, but I’m not very artistic. It seems like a lot of students start out where I am, though, and that makes me feel a lot better.

Multiple students mentioned that they realized graphic design is everywhere and has more of an effect on our lives than we think. I’m already starting to realize this – I didn’t think I had any graphic design experience, but I’ve built a website before. For some reason I didn’t think that counted as design experience, but you have to use graphic design to create a site that looks professional and functions correctly. I’m looking forward to being able to spot and appreciate elements of design in the rest of my everyday life.

The other point many students made that resonated with me was “your first idea isn’t always your best idea.” I tend to be confident in my work and am sometimes blind to ways it can be improved as a result. I’d like to work on that this semester – asking for feedback whenever I can, whether it be by going to office hours or by bouncing ideas off friends in lab, will help me see ways to improve my work that I might not have seen otherwise.

I’m looking forward to a great semester with these tips in mind!

Megan Choate

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