three parts

part one

The film Helvetica was an eye-opener to the wide world of typography. Not knowing much about typography to begin with, this film showed a sliver of what type really is and how iconic it can become. Helvetica was around for a while now, relatively speaking, and it’s still here. I mean, there are haters, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, Helvetica has become a type of a generation. And I can see why, the type is simple, clean, and effective in almost anything it is used in.

part two

Just like helvetica, Letters are something that are defined by the society around it. Ever since type was a thing, letters dictated the feel of it and whether it’d be used for newspapers, or books, or print, etc.

part three

And when letters help with the type, the combinations of all of it help the text. The text is the fluidity of it all. It’s how we, the audience, reads it. It’s catching someone’s attention and creating a different meaning for the text in front of us.


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