Three Words for Success: Simplify, Plan, and Backup

As a photography major, I am extremely excited to take this graphic design class. I know everything I learn will not only help me when I am designing something, but also in the compositions of my photographs. One thing that particularly stood out for me was the idea of “minimalism;” in order to continue with my photography and graphic design career, this is a key concept that I often forget. I usually try to jam in as much information as possible, yet, I often forget that this can weaken my idea.

Another point that was particularly vital for me to understand is that I cannot procrastinate for this class. Similar to most college students, procrastinating is my downfall; in a class like this, I will need to keep revisiting and revising my ideas, leaving no room to wait for the last minute. I am hoping that by learning to stay ahead of my work in this class, I will be able to get in the habit of doing this for my other classes and in my future career.

Lastly, the greatest piece of advice I learned was the importance of backing up my projects. In my future, as well as currently in this graphic design class, it is essential that all my information is saved and will never get lost. Recently, I had a hard drive malfunction, which taught me the importance of making sure everything is always backed up two times. I now have two hard drives, one to backup the other. I believe that in order for me to succeed in this class and throughout my education at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, I need to simplify my ideas, plan ahead, and always backup all of my projects and information!


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  1. I’m so glad to see you post about backing up your work. I don’t think any student has ever featured that tip as one that mattered to them. Important lesson to learn for sure. You know what they say: “There are two types of people, those whose hard drives have crashed, and those whose are about too.” 🙂

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