Through the Lens of Heisler

As a photography major, we looked at pictures by Gregory Heisler in my introductory photo class. Many of the images on display, I had seen before, yet, only behind a computer screen; seeing them in person was truly mesmerizing. Gregory Heisler is my professor for next semester, and after walking into the exhibit, I truly feel blessed to say that I will be learning from him. I cannot wait to see life and photography, through the “lens” of Heisler.

One picture that connected to me the most was of Robert Ballard. Colors have always caught my eye, which is why I gravitated towards this photograph. Not only is the sun setting in the background, but there is a green light under Ballard, which reflects onto him. In this photograph, there is red, orange, green, blue, purple, black, and more colors in between; this stood apart from many other pictures in the exhibit, because most of them were in black and white, or were more muted. The exhibit was truly amazing to see, and I look forward to taking advantage of the SU Art Gallery and going back many more times throughout my college career.


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