To Delight and Inform

The documentary “To Delight and Inform” about Milton Glaser and his influence on the world of graphic design was eye opening for me.  From the other videos that we have watched in class, it is very clear that people are extremely passionate about type and graphic design, and most of the people in these documentaries are very proud of their accomplishments, which is very clear through the way that they talk about themselves.

Glaser stood out from the others that we have seen because of the humble manner in which he talked about his designs.  He made it clear when talking about his I <3 NY design that he was not in this business for the money, since he didn’t get anything from that design, but that all that matters to him is that he gets to do what he loves.  In the documentary it was also evident that design is an integral part of his personal life as well, since it is something that he and his wife share.  The fact that they work on projects together and collect art together shows that they don’t view it as work, but something they love to do.  Glaser also said that working is something that he enjoys doing, not just a way to make a living.

What I will take away from this documentary is to look at graphics as a means of expression, and like Glaser, I will try to look at it as something I enjoy, not just a means to get a good grade.


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