“To Delight and Inform” Reflection

The main thing I learned from the documentary “To Delight and Inform” is how amazingly simple the most successful and recognizable designs are. I had never thought about who created the “I Love NY” design that has become the staple of New York City and how he or she came up with that idea. To know that it was created in a time where NYC had a bad connotation and reaction, and then the attitude about NYC changed after the design just shows the power of an image in it’s purest form and to me that’s simply amazing. Seeing that made me feel better about our poster projects because I never thought I could create a meaningful and powerful image with a simple idea. I am somewhat of a complex thinker so sometimes thinking of a simple concept is surprisingly the most difficult thing in the world for me…but with the right amount of thought and proper time to be inspired and captured by the message I knew I wanted to portray really helped me come up with a concept that I knew I could execute with my lack of Illustrator/InDesign experience.

The other aspect of “To Delight and Inform” that really captured me was how Milton Glaser was able to captivate entire decades of time in his designs and how clearly you can identify which decades they are just by looking at his work. Yes, he is an trail blazer in the world of design and an amazing inspiration to those in the profession, but he didn’t spend all his time trying to create the next big thing. He took what he saw every day in New York and put his own style to it and created something beautiful, meaningful and timeless. To me, that is true art. To create what you love and have it fit into a bigger purpose, whether you planned on that happening or not. Glaser is a humble man doing what he loves every day of his life and I hope to be just like that one day in my own life.


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