To Delight and Inform

The film “To Delight and Inform” regarding Milton Glaser was engaging and interesting for many reasons and I found his stories and life opinions unexpected. Being someone so well known in his profession he came off as a very humble and friendly person who simply enjoyed his profession and had special talents that helped him with his artwork. There were certain key points in the video where certain stories or beliefs guided me towards a deeper understanding of Milton Glaser overall.

One thing that surprised me was how he enjoyed working. He liked to not have any rooms or constraints on the work environment and in the filming around his office everyone was sitting in one room working all together to accomplish their various projects. I thought this was interesting especially because I feel like graphic design is so focused on organization and the beauty of what’s being created so I feel like the work environment for this field would be highly structured. He also proved himself to be a very trusting and forgiving person with his justification of the lack of constraints saying that it saved him time because people can all hear each other working and there doesn’t need to be memos.

Another story that I found inspiring was the I <3 NY design that has become embedded in our culture. Not only am I challenged in learning to think of this design in a professional stand point that someone had to think of this design and act upon it, but I also am surprised that he was unaffected by the fact that he had received nothing in return for the work and he has never been a paid a cent on it. I found this to be astounding because if I were to have thought of a design that became embedded in American culture I would want to have not only taken credit but at least some type of reward for the work that I had put in in thinking and designing it.

Overall, Milton Glaser is a brilliant designer as well as an insightful and intuitive person. He is not only successful in his field but comes off as humble and reserved in his life ideals and his ideals of himself.

As it relates to what we’ve learned in class, feedback is highly recommended and I feel like the work environment Milton Glaser has created there cannot be more space for critique and feedback from colleagues. On my resume project and poster as well I made a point to get as much feedback as possible and from the work environment he has created I know that he must agree with this ideology and understand how important it is as we’ve learned in graphics.


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