To do much more than inform and delight

This film showed me that not only does design have the power to inform and to delight, but it is also capable, in rare but great instances, of completely revolutionizing a country. One of these powerful instances was the design of the I <3 NY logo by Milton Glaser. The film stated that the design of this simple logo took a city that was indifferent and turned it into a place of love and pride. New York City was big and thriving, but its people did not have the strong emotions towards the city that would soon come with the creation of the logo and the sensation of I <3 NY.

The I <3 NY logo became a national emblem of pride for people even when they weren’t in the city. People are able to display this simple but universally recognized logo to show where they are from, where they are now, or just their love for a place they visited once. Because the design appeals to the masses, it is used and now recognized by the masses.

Although my own poster is for a weekend-long fashion event, not really the type of event to change the world, this film inspired me to see that a simple design is all I need to appeal to lots of people. For an event that would have the power to impact tons of people, I now see that a poster, or another type of graphic design, could lead to a revolution. It all starts with a good idea.


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