To Inform and Delight

The world of graphic design is the most conspicuously invisible aspect of our society. In other words, the untrained eye glances over it almost every hour of the day yet is completely unaware, while the designer sees a world of innovation, creativity, and ideas.

I had never heard of Milton Glaser before seeing this film in class. If you had asked me who he was, I probably would have guessed an actor or famous writer. However, I had surely seen his designs, though at the time I had no idea that something as iconic as the “I <3 NY” design took such careful crafting by nothing short of a genius to create.

I particularly enjoyed his anecdotes about how he has not made much money at all off of his most famous design, even though the design itself pulls in millions of dollars in various forms of memorabilia. Admittedly, it made him seem a little bit crazy, but after all, many great artists are. His quirks made him human and likable and connected him to his work.

I also particularly enjoyed the part about him trying to mold his office into a space that resembled his childhood home. It reinforces the idea that we work best in environments in which we feel comfortable and safe.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, even more than I enjoyed the Helvetica one. I am happy to now know the source of  some designs that I see every day, and to be reminded that graphic design is everywhere.

Bethany Bourgault

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