To Inform and Delight

Undoubtedly, design can provide one a new life style. It makes our life full of joys and delight. Today, in this “global village,”design also contributes to diversity. Design is everywhere and influence us everyday unconsciously. The I <3 NY design from Milton Glaser probably the most famous city loge in the world. Every tourist would but a souvenir with this most significant logo I <3 NY.

For designers, inspiration is the key. What impressed me most while I was watching the documentary is that Milton Glaser always keeps passionate and enthusiastic not only for his design career, but also for his life. He finds restaurants he loves, enjoys food, teaches students and sets his office near a playground. He always holds a positive and creative attitude towards life. Life and design affect each other mutually. Milton discover the life around him and applies his new ideas to the design, at the same time, he draws and designs for understanding the world. In addition, as a design teacher, Milton tells his students more about how to understand and perceive this world rather than methods and strategies. 

I learned from the amazing Milton Glaser that art is designed generally. Empathy is also a purpose to create a design work.The documentary really gave an advice for my poster assignment.My poster draft was totally unsuccessful and inappropriate when I showed to Professor Strong. I was upset and under lots of pressure of coming up a new idea and creating a new draft. But some scences from the documentary showed up in my mind, and I realized that I need to put myself in the place of the general audience. I need to know the society they live, not only based on my own imagination. Thanks to Milton Glaser, I have a new idea now. I think I have found the answer.



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