To Inform and Delight

Coming into this class, I would be lying if I was to say I wasn’t a little bit nervous. I’ve never worked with any of these design tools before and honestly the only reason I was enrolled in the class was because it was a requirement to graduate. Now, just a little over a month into the semester, I can honestly say that I am happy that I am taking Graphics 217. While I know I’m not the best designer and certainly not the best at working with InDesign or Photoshop, some of the tools I have learned already will help me not just in this class, but in the real world as well.

Understanding what is visually appealing seems easy, but it takes practice. Through the lectures and videos in class, I have taken what I thought was a decent understanding of what I believed was good design and I have gained a completely different perspective. I have learned what colors are appropriate at what times and which typefaces are most beneficial to my particular design. When i first turned in my resume, I thought it was pretty good. However, after going over it with the Professor, I realized I still had a lot to learn. After continuing to study what is considered good design, I am beginning to get a better grasp on how to inform and delight the audience.

The videos in this class have been especially appealing to me. It is so interesting to see other people’s opinions on design, and how valuable certain aspects of design are to them. Before I would pass by a billboard or a poster and not think much of it unless it had a direct impact on myself, but now I am stopping and observing every one, noticing the typefaces, colors, layout, etc. This class has been beneficial to me so far, and I hope to continue to improve on my own work.


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