“To Inform and Delight” Imagination and Creativity…and Food

The documentary, “To Inform and Delight,” explores the career of the highly acclaimed designer, Milton Glaser. Through the documentary, Glaser shares his personal insight that he has gained throughout his years of designing. Even as he enters old age, he has a vivacity that is inspiring.

What I found to be most inspiring is Glaser’s view of the role of designers in the world. Each person has his or her own view of the world. Glaser shows that designers materialize their views, using passion and problem-solving skills, in order to make the world easier for people to understand and navigate through. Milton also exemplifies how a designer’s ability to understand mood and the degree to which the designer is in-touch with his or her senses can determine the efficacy of his or her designs. I find this to be an important concept that I am trying to utilize while designing my poster. I am trying to develop a thorough understand of the event, and the moods and emotions connected with it, so that I can properly and effectively inform the world about it.

To Glaser design is like food; when it is truly great the atmosphere, which it was created in, makes no difference. Design is not about working in a fancy studio or about having the newest technology to create it. Design is about using the imagination that is unique to the designer. This imagination should give the world something new to try, because ultimately it will matter how it is different from everything else that has come before it. Similarly, a restaurant can look like a shack but if the dishes are creative and have uniquely pleasant tastes, then the costumers will have an unforgettable meal. However, if a person goes to fancy restaurant after fancy restaurant with almost the identical steak and fish dishes, those meals will be lost together in a clouded memory of monotony.

As a self-acclaimed foodie, the parallel between food and design created in the film has helped me understand the importance of differentiation in design. I now have a better understanding of the concept that design is everywhere and that to make a design standout it takes a lot of imagination. However, just because it takes a lot of imagination that does not mean that it must be complicated. When a dish is great, one enjoys the overall tastes, not whether or not the preparation and mixture of ingredients are complex. Just as eaters’ taste preferences are determined by their backgrounds, so are viewers’ opinions of a design. Thus the better one knows her audience and the better one knows her product and its ingredients, the more likely she is to create something that will truly excite.


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  1. Love your take on food and design. And I especially loved this … “imagination should give the world something new to try.”

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