To Inform and Delight


I have to admit, “To Inform and Delight” wasn’t the most interesting movie to watch, but I did take in a lot of interesting facts and I learned some things I never would have thought about. The most interesting thing to me by far, was the fact that Milton Glaser created it “I <3 NY” logo, which is literally seen everywhere. That wasn’t the most surprising factor though. The most interesting thing about Milton Glaser is the fact he never got one cent for creating that logo. Instead of being mad or annoyed he didn’t receive any money for something that is almost a necessity to The City, he is glad that his work in almost everywhere and that people like it. That surprised me because if I made something so influential and popular, I cant imagine not seeing a dollar or a cent for my hard work.

Not only did Milton Glaser create the “I <3 NY”, but he also created the logo for the Brooklyn Brewery. At first I didn’t really think this was interesting at all until I went to work and saw coasters with the logo on it. This really made me think that design is everywhere. Everything we see and everything we are a part of is essentially created. Even this typeface was created for a purpose. Art isn’t just there for people to look at, but art is also there to inform and delight. I can try to think of a world without architecture and billboards but the place would just be boring. We need design to get through a normal day.

Glaser had some really great quotes, but one of his thoughts stuck out to me most. He said that “teaching is a demonstration of   someone’s view of life.” This made me think of learning in a whole new manor. Yes, we go to school to get an education, but we learn from people who have already been in our place and have already experienced different aspects of education. It makes me realize that all of the different people we encounter and the things that we learn are all coming from the way people have lived their lives and the experiences in their lives which brought them to those conclusions. I honestly think that learning from other’s lives and their experiences is a wonderful thing. Going along with this thought, Glaser also said that “excellence exists on any level.” This goes to show that no matter what you do, there can be beauty and brilliance.

Overall I believe that Glaser has so much to say about design and his life. He makes me think outside the box and realize that everything is designed and there is a purpose for everything. Every culture has beauty just like every typography has beauty. Design is not something that can be taken lightly because “design just happens” and there is really no other explanation at that.


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