To Inform & Delight

I learned a lot of from watching To Inform and Delight, as Milton Glaser has a lot of wisdom and experience when it comes to both design and life.

First, the title, To Inform and Delight, helped me with the design of my poster. I wanted my poster to be visually interesting and give a good feeling to the viewer. I also wanted the information on the poster to be clear so it achieved its purpose.

Secondly, I learned that everything is related to its opposite. I think this is true throughout life and especially in design. I tried to apply this mindset in my poster by not thinking of contrast as utilizing complimentary colors, but as bright and dark. When I applied this concept of bright and dark I came up with an experience in my poster that I’m happy with, focusing on a navy background with hot pink and  warm yellow elements.

When students are being taught by a professional they get a demonstration of someone’s view of life. I think this applies to our class, as we get Prof. Strong’s view, the views of the people in the Helvetica and To Inform and Delight, our peers, Lipton and even the quotes on the powerpoints . We use all these different views to shape our own views and design and create an original and personal piece of work.

Lastly, the lesson that excellence should exist on every level was reinforced. This is important because quality is extremely important in design, as it has a major effect on how a piece of work informs and delights a viewer. Even as a student, striving for excellence makes me push myself to do my best work.



Paige Kelly

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