Kerry Judge

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  1. Strength: among the posters our class created, I love yours most. The horse is so cute! Your poster looks professional. It does not seem like it is created by student. I like the way you use different degree of brown to create the horse head. When my friend and I saw you in the lab, we guess you might have some professional background, or you have learned illustrator before. I saw the changes you had made in the final poster. You made a smaller hat and changed the color of its bow. I like the idea using red and white striated pattern. I do not know why: Though your final version is great, I prefer the previous one. The shape of the hat is a bit weird(large), but I like the way you put words on it. It is creative and quite brilliant!


    There is not so much to do on your horse. It is good enough! I like the way you use newspaper as the background, but maybe we can try something else.

    The horse head looks greater on the vertical poster than that on horizontal one. I do not know if you can create the lower part of the horse face on the top of your horizontal poster. That would be a lot more fun. For me, I really curious of how does the horse looks like. It makes me feel like there is something incomplete.

    Nice job!

    It is my pleasure to criticize your work! Kerry:)

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