True Life – Graphic Designer

I found this in class video chat session to be extremely enlightening because as much as I enjoyed the movies we viewed in class of graphic designers, Greg tied their careers into the real world – which sadly, is heavily focused on money. For example, the graphic designers in the movies were extremely focused on the art and idea and creativity behind each and every design, which is amazing and helped me to understand the crucial importance and conceptual ideas of design. However, Greg was able to incorporate that mindset into the real world. He spoke honestly about having to work with businesses and accept their ideas into his and the companies creations as well.

Along with this, Greg was able to show us another example of the inside of the office of a graphic designer. It seems like such an amazing environment and I what I would really enjoy is the close knit relationships that designers have with each other. It is individual work but the need for the community is crucial.


Kayln Des Jardins

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