I’ve made several video tutorials to help you along on your iPad magazine interactivity journey. You can find them on the course server under Course Documents > Magazine Assignment > Tablet Interactivity Tutorials. Later in the semester, I will send you email instructions to help you upload your work to Adobe’s Digital Publishing System (DPS) and share it with me. One step at a time. You can do this. 🙂


A few important InDesign DPS concepts to get you started …

Folio: An entire magazine issue.

Folio Builder: The InDesign tool used to gather and prepare an interactive publication for “publication” and distribution. Each folio is comprised of “articles” that are imported using the “Folio Builder.”

Article: Each separate section of an issue. Each article requires its own InDesign document. Your cover is an article, an ad is an article, your feature story is an article. An article can have one page (cover) or multiple pages (feature story).

Naming your files: All file names must end with “_h.indd” or “_v.indd”. The underscore (_h) and the underscore (_v) are very important. Without those letters, your InDesign file will not import properly to the Folio Builder. Notice that the v and h MUST be lowercase.

Sign Up for an Adobe ID: If you already have an Adobe ID, great. You’re set. If not, go to http://www.adobe.comand sign up for one. You will need this to upload and publish your magazine.