Two Big Lessons From Glaser

After watching “To Inform and Delight” I learned a lot not just about Milton Glaser, but about graphics designers and graphics design in general.


I learned a lot about the technical aspects of graphics design and the types of strategies Milton Glaser used when working on a project. Glaser was a firm believer in the idea that the viewer will remember something better if he had to work for it. For instance one of his most famous designs is the “I (heart) NY” design. This design was very successful because it was simple, yet the viewer still had to figure it out on his own. It wasn’t “I love New York.” That would be too easy. Glaser made sure the viewer had to figure out that the heart meant love, and that NY meant New York. It was such a simple design, but because the viewer had to put all the pieces together it simply stuck. Now you see this design on t-shirts, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, etc…


I also learned something that really hit home for me from Glaser. You love your work for the work you do not for the money you may possibly make from it. Glaser didn’t earn a cent from his famous “I (heart) NY” design. And although he may be the most famous graphic designer in the world, he is not a wealthy man, yet he is a happy one. This doesn’t just apply to graphics design. Although I most likely am not going into graphics design as a career the professions I am considering (mainly going into the Army as an active duty officer) I have lived my life by this idea. I know I won’t be making tons of money, but I don’t care. As long as you are happy with the work you’re doing, money is just a plus.

Ari Gilberg

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