What surprised me the most from watching the documentary about Helvetica and from reading chapter one is the amount of analysis that goes into every single part of each letter. I never would have thought that people could be so passionate about different fonts and the anatomy of them, but the documentary certainly proved me wrong.  People devote their whole lives to designing these typefaces that we use every day.  These typefaces aren’t just a means of getting words on a paper as easily as possible, but rather an art form that can convey a deeper meaning of what is being written or what you want to come across to the audience.

Earlier in the semester we had briefly discussed the anatomy of each letter, and the reading for this week went deeper into that.  I was so surprised to learn that there was a name for just about every bend and line in a letter.  It never would have occurred to me that there needed to be a name for the terminal of a letter, because I never realized that people’s careers revolved around planning and designing these features.  Chapter one and watching the documentary in class was certainly an eye opening experience.


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