Typeface Personality

After watching Helvetica and exploring “Thinking with Type,” I realized not only the physical complexity of creating and implementing a typeface, but also the mass amounts of thought that goes into the process as well. As someone who didn’t really consider the intricacy of design before a few college classes, when I would sit down to create something, whether it be a flier or an essay or a resume, I picked a typeface at random, thinking only about the style that I liked. After spending time in design classes and watching Helvetica and hearing insight about typefaces from all different people, I started to see the bigger picture. Picking a typeface isn’t just choosing something you like. It’s the personality of what you’re creating and presenting to the world. It’s the reader’s first impression of your product. It’s a language. It’s style. It’s art.

I came to these conclusions not only because of the passion that the designers displayed in Helvetica, but also after reading about the history of type. It is something that has come such a long way, and is still evolving every day. I didn’t ever consider that something so commonplace, simply typed words, could hold so much meaning and history. My way of thinking has completely changed (I’m not sure how I feel about it, because now it might take me hours to decide what to use). However, knowing that a simple change of typeface can set the tone of a piece, create drama, evoke passion, tell a story… the decision is that much more crucial. A typeface can truly make or break the message you are trying to relay, and that power speaks for itself.


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  1. I was also surprised by the passion and the amount of thought and work that goes into designing each typeface. I too used to just pick whatever typeface looked the best to me without thinking which conveyed my message best or which suited my purposes. Now I realize that typefaces are much more than just words on a page and that they are a type of art form (haha type).

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