What I Learned from Doug Bartow

In our Google Hangout/talk with Troy-based designer, Doug Bartow, many new things regarding the design world were brought up while other things were simply a highlight of something we’ve almost unconsciously been learning all semester long. Something that stuck in my mind, post Google Hangout, was Doug’s discussion on some of the stresses and tribulations that a designer may combat when it comes to working with a particular client. I also thought it was interesting that Doug mentioned that, sometimes designers may resist working with a specific client if they feel the project isn’t exactly a perfect fit. It was enlightening to see that in a job that calls for a copious amount of direction-taking from clients and directors, that there is still some minimal room for choice and subjectivity for the designer’s sake. One last thing I vividly remember was Doug talking about working with art directors and the pressure that is sometimes placed upon a designer. I realized from Doug’s talk that some of the best work is usually done when a designer is free of the influence of a lurking art director.

Cory Fernandez

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