What is good design?

In the objectified, Dieter Rams helps us define what good design is. The last sentence strikes me a lot, which is “good design is as little design as possible”. It indicates that the ultimate level of a good design is minimalism. As said in the film, removing design is like creating melody. The simpler a product is, the more advanced its design is. Apple is the most obvious example explaining minimalism. The reason why Apple is so successful is that the product design is so simple that everyone thinks it easy to use, which creates better experiences for users. In fact, there are so many considerations and tests behind the simple design. The design director told us that one simple keyboard plate serves for six functions. It not only minimizes the design itself, but also maximizes the usefulness of each design. Overall, product design creates an experience for people, and simplicity plays an indispensable role in all kinds of design.

A good design also contains its cultural values. For instance, when we use MUJI products, we know that it is a typical Japanese brand that demonstrates Japanese way of living. However, it seems that people in other countries also appreciate MUJI products. It means that even if some designs imply cultural values, the products are universally accepted and used.  That is my understanding of good design. In conclusion, a good design should adopt minimalism, own a distinctive cultural identity, and should be universally appreciated.


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