Why Everything is Made the Way it is

Industrial design is an aspect of my life that I have never specifically noticed before watching Objectified. As one of the speakers in the movie said, many people don’t realize that every man made object in their life is designed intentionally and with a purpose. Objects that seem meaningless like vegetable peelers and toothpicks have been meticulously designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, and usability. The most amazing thing about industrial design is its impact on every person in the world, and some products are specifically designed with me as a user in mind

One thing that was specifically interesting to me was that industrial engineers and designers specifically design their products with “outliers” in mind. They design products for these outliers who, for example, need the most comfortable grip on a tool, because the average population will be able to use that easily as well. This is really interesting to me, because I would have automatically assumed that products are designed with the average person’s needs in mind. After watching Objectified, it now makes sense that a tool would be designed with the person who has the most difficult time using that tool in mind.

Amanda Boyd

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